Design and Consulting

Well, hello there!

We are Ryan & Laura Rhoades.

We are artists, creators, and entrepreneurs.

Our clients have appeared in places like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, been on Oprah, released albums, published best selling books, and done lots of other awesome things.

We love to create and would love to help make your presence more widely known through eye-catching visual design.

If you:

- need media design, ideas, or consulting

- need a message spread around the world

- understand that Rome was not built in a day


Then contact us and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you!

Do you need custom designs created for you to share with your social media followers to increase your brand recognition?

Would you like to start doing more speaking engagements but have trouble doing so in front of others?

Have you thought of doing online video but are missing that spark that you see in other video bloggers?

Are you struggling with figuring out your passion or vision and would like some help getting started?

Are you having a difficult time with your leadership abilities and could use some suggestions for how to get out of a rut you’re stuck in?

We would be happy to train you and help you get your products and services functioning in a way that will empower you to learn to do it yourself!

We offer reasonable prices for design, training, and consulting and would love to help you out if we are able to.

It all really depends on what you are looking for.

We are here to serve.

For more information, click “get a quote”.

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Ryan J. Rhoades

CEO & Lead Designer at Reformation Designs
Ryan & his wife Laura are a media design team based in Salem, OR. They have worked with people from all walks of life: tech giants, authors, speakers, coaches, pastors, students and entrepreneurs. They specialize in many forms of multimedia creation including graphic art and design, video production and social media marketing. They offer many types of design resources for sale and you can pre-order Ryan's upcoming book here.

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