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If You Want to Understand Success, Start Gardening

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One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Have you ever just held an acorn in your hand and thought to yourself, “I’m holding a potential forest right here”? It’s a powerful thing to realize that everything you do can be likened to a seed. When I started gardening a few years ago, I had no idea how much I would learn about the way the world works, how to see dreams of mine fulfilled, and the power of patience in doing so. When...

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Your Voice is Important

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One of the hardest things to believe in a day and age when we are bombarded with information is that what we have to say is actually relevant and important. We’ve all been programmed what to say, how to say it, and when to say it – but if you are reading this, I cannot encourage you enough to speak what is in your heart and share what is on your mind with the world around you. You’ve got to understand that inevitably there will be people who will not like what you have to say. They may slander you, they may talk behind your...

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How to Remove the WordPress Gallery Image Border

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I searched for this for a long time before finally coming across this simple, but wonderful line of code. If you’re hosting your own WordPress site and can’t stand those grey borders around images in the WordPress Gallery, just insert this simple code in your custom CSS panel. Shoutout to Derry Birkett for helping me find this! .gallery a img { border: 0 !important;...

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Create Something to Benefit Everyone

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The way I see it, there are two types of people in the world. Those who endlessly produce new things and those who endlessly consume new things. As an artist and a writer, I do my best to stick to constantly creating new things that will benefit those who see what I have made. I don’t pay much attention to the news or popular media because, quite honestly, I feel like it dumbs me down.  With so much fear-mongering in the popular media, I choose to keep my head clear of that garbage by putting my focus on creating new things that I...

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Your Perception Will Define Your Reality

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One of the most frustrating things that you will encounter as an entrepreneur or as someone who is working towards the realization of your dreams is the inevitable failures that you’ll run into along the way. However, the way you perceive your problems will determine how you tackle them and ultimately overcome them. I’m the first to admit that I like things done quickly. I envision changes in culture, businesses, and life in general quite easily and it can be easy for me to get caught up in the frustration of how long it can...

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How to Be Creative When You Think You Aren’t

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One of the most common things that I hear when I network with people outside my particular industry is that they “simply aren’t creative”. There are few things that make me cringe as much as that statement…for two reasons. First of all, any artist who has pursued their passion of creativity as a career will tell you that it is more work than most people can possibly imagine. It takes practice. Lots, and lots, and lots of practice. And secondly, because the more that people tell themselves and others that they are...

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How to Stop Getting Ripped off by Your Clients

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If you’ve been doing creative work to make a living for any length of time, you’ve inevitably run into some unfortunate and often very frustrating circumstances surrounding you getting paid what your time and skills should earn you. This three-minute video that was inspired by the art business consultant Maria Brophy will save you from countless future headaches and upsetting relationships with your clients…and it will help you realize how easy it is to STOP getting ripped off! It’s really quite simple – so check...

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Hit it Til it Breaks and Just Don’t Quit

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Picture this. You’re out in the woods and it is below freezing. The cabin that you and your loved ones are staying in suddenly lost power in the middle of a large snowstorm and there is currently no way to reach the property owner. Your family’s warmth and thus their survival is dependent on one simple thing: your ability to chop down a tree, bring the timber back to the cabin, and get a fire started. Now, even though I’m not a lumberjack and I have never been in a life or death situation like this, I have chopped wood...

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To Slay a Dragon

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To create something of any type is much like the task of a brave knight that chooses to face down the dragon that stands between him and his prize. The dragon taunts our hero, whispering in a voice that only he can usually hear, and somehow…somehow…that damned dragon knows exactly what the greatest weakness of the knight to be. He uses it against him – telling him that he will never accomplish that which he has set his heart upon, or that he will never defeat this monstrosity that stands before him. But something rises up...

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Unleash Your Own Creativity

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I wish that the world was a more friendly place for fostering and encouraging creativity. Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look, there are more people trying to put more restrictions in place to prevent innovation and creativity from making the world a better place. Usually at the top of that food chain is a person or small group of people who would stand to lose a lot of money if new, better technologies came out that would render their current monopolistic operation obsolete. Take the “high speed” internet providers, for...

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