Start Small to Gain Momentum

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We’ve all been there. You’ve got a to-do list that feels like will never end, and a large number of the things on it the types of things you’d rather do half past never. Either because they’re boring, time consuming, or just generally irritating “busy work” stuff that you wish you could just pay someone to take care of for you. Answering e-mails. Paying bills....

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On Patience

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Patience has never been one of my strong points. I often will joke with friends that I have the patience of a three year old in a toy store. However, as I grow in my understanding of the way the world works, I find that the really important things in my life end up coming to me after extended periods of time – almost as if there is some type of testing...

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Defying Your Limits

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Get this design on prints & more! Every one of us is faced with the unfortunate reality that we can often be our own worst critics. How many times do you find yourself frustrated with the way things currently are in your life, only to allow your own perceptions of how you think things should be to cloud the joy of the present moment? If there is one thing that I...

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